12 homes in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

High profitability and safety

The Senador Castillo Olivares promotion is distinguished by the excellent layout of the spaces. Its two-bedroom, two-bathroom homes are structured in such a way that they make every square meter profitable.

Perfectly connected spaces, with an open concept and a modern style, paying attention to every detail with top quality materials and finishes, so that your only concern is enjoying your home.

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Estimated total profitability 10,00 %
Estimated annual return 10,00 %
Fundraising Period From 05-07-23 to 30-10-23
Construction period From 31-10-23 to 16-05-24
Project duration 6 months
Developer Grupo Lopsan
Apartments 2.000,000 $
Garajes 250,000 $
Total 2.250,000 $
Mortgage guarantee
Trustful promoter
High yield
Limited risk
High profitability and safety

In the Arenales neighborhood, located in the Downtown District, a few meters from San Telmo Park and the lively Calle de Triana.

The promotion is located a few minutes walk from strategic points of the city such as State Organizations, schools and institutes and the San Telmo interchange, as well as places of first necessity: schools, institutes, pharmacies, supermarkets, open shopping area, stops buses and taxis, health centers, etc.
It also has exceptional connectivity that allows access to any point in the city, including the beaches of Las Canteras and Las Alcaravaneras, by public transport in a very short time.

For more information visit: https://www.lopsan.es/images/promociones/senador-castillo-olivares/Senador-Castillo-Olivares-dossier-web.pdf
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