Financial contribution.- It includes the economic amount allocated by the participant for participation in the results, prosperous or adverse, of the activity carried out by the MANAGING ENTITY.

MANAGING ENTITY.- It appears configured by the legal entity whose identifying data appears on the website, which is in charge of carrying out the Project, specified in the “White Paper” published on its website.

White Paper.- Description of the Project and activity of the MANAGING ENTITY published on the website.

Contract.- Refers to the Joint Account Contract signed electronically between the parties, which is configured by all its sections.

Date of entry into force of the contract.- It includes the time determined by the day, month and year in which the contract signed between the intervening parties will begin to take effect.

Property.- Refers to the property that is the object of the Project.

Project File.- Refers to the Project file of a property that is published on the website and online platform of the PROMOTING ENTITY in the "Opportunities" section.

Tokens.- The Token is the token that is delivered to the PARTICIPANT based on the amount of their participation. It has a value in Euro that will be indicated on the website and Platform of the MANAGING ENTITY and each token is equivalent to a percentage of the Project. Each token grants the rights and obligations contained in this contract.

Party or parties.- Refers to the parties that sign this contract, that is, the MANAGING ENTITY and the PARTICIPANT.
Project.- Includes the planning of the purchase, rehabilitation, renovation, sale management and, where appropriate, the lease of the Property, the description of which appears in detail on the website. Specific Project Description specifically on the platform in the opportunities section.

Online Platform.- The web platform where it is possible to register to participate in different investment opportunities of the MANAGING ENTITY by purchasing digital tokens.

Risks.- It is configured by the possibility that a setback or circumstance may occur that affects the viability of the Project. Participate.- Refers to the natural or legal person whose identification data

They are registered on the platform of the MANAGING ENTITY. Said identifying data is compiled at the time of registration on the platform by the PARTICIPE. Participation.- It is the percentage that PARTICIPE has in the result of the Project. This percentage is established by the MANAGING ENTITY based on the contributions received in the Project.


I.- That the MANAGING ENTITY is carrying out a real estate promotion consisting of one of the properties reviewed on its website and on the token sale platform.
II.- That said promotion project is what the investor chooses on the MANAGING ENTITY's online Platform, once complete registration has been made and the MANAGING ENTITY has validated his or her account.
III.- That the expected cost for the execution of such real estate project is what emerges from the budget indicated in the project file indicated on the website and online platform of the MANAGING ENTITY.
IV.- That to finance the project the company has opted for an innovative system using technological instruments such as “Smart-Contracts” with the issuance of tokens.
V.- That each token has a value in Euro that will be indicated on the website and platform of the MANAGING ENTITY and each token is equivalent to a percentage of the total execution budget of each project.
VI.- That it is the PARTICIPANT's will to contribute to the realization of such project with the Contribution of a sum equivalent to the amount that will be transferred upon acceptance of this contract to the account of the MANAGING ENTITY.
This amount grants the PARTICIPANT the right to obtain a number of tokens based on the amount of his Contribution and based on the value given by the MANAGING ENTITY to each token and which represents a percentage of participation in the project. VII.- That it is the will of the MANAGING ENTITY to accept the participation of the PARTICIPANT in the building project referred to in MANIFESTA I of this contract under the conditions referred to in MANIFESTA III
And based on the above,


1.1. By virtue of this Contract, and in accordance with the stipulations agreed upon therein, the PARTICIPANT undertakes to contribute to the activity carried out by the MANAGING ENTITY through an economic contribution freely specified by the PARTICIPE,

change of a participation in the outcome of the Project, whether prosperous or adverse, specified.
1.2. Said financial contribution made by the 

PARTICIPE cannot be understood in any way as being configured for the constitution of a company, with the MANAGING ENTITY being the sole owner of the merited Contribution. Therefore, it is understood that the

Parties do not form a society.
1.3. Likewise, the money contributed through this contract cannot in any case be understood to form part of a loan or credit contract.

1.4. This joint account contract is governed by the provisions of articles 239 to 243 of the Commercial Code in everything that said regulation does not contradict the agreements expressly reached by both contracting parties and set forth in this contract.

2.1. This contract will come into force on the Date of its acceptance, and is agreed to be valid indefinitely until the object of the contract is fully concluded or is resolved in advance by mutual and concordant will of both contracting parties.

3.1. The PARTICIPANT, through this contract, becomes a participating account of the Project chosen on the MANAGING ENTITY Platform and developed by the MANAGING ENTITY, being fully aware that a percentage of the results belongs to him/her.

positive or negative, that the MANAGING ENTITY obtains from the Project.
3.2. In the event that the MANAGING ENTITY does not reach the necessary investment for the Project and it cannot be carried out, the PARTICIPANT may withdraw their money or select another investment opportunity available from the MANAGING ENTITY.

3.3. The PARTICIPANT declares that he is aware of the risk of loss, total or partial, of the value of his financial contribution and the risk of not obtaining the expected monetary return, as well as not being able to influence under any circumstances the management of the Project by the MANAGING ENTITY.

3.4. Likewise, the PARTICIPANT declares to assume the risk and fortune of the economic Contribution made, exempting the MANAGING ENTITY from any responsibility for the loss, total or partial, of the Capital Contribution made. Fourth.- ECONOMIC CONTRIBUTION OF THE PARTICIPANT
4.1. THE PARTICIPANT, within a maximum period of TWO (2) calendar days from the acceptance of this Contract, will be obliged to:

Complete the registration process on the online Platform and deliver all the necessary documentation in compliance with current regulations.

Carry out the appropriate financial contribution by transfer to the account designated for this purpose by the MANAGING ENTITY.

4.2. Failure to effectively carry out any of the obligations referred to above will give rise to the early termination of the Contract without prejudice to any other legal actions that may correspond to the MANAGING ENTITY against the Participant.

for damages and losses arising from said breach.

4.3. All taxes derived from the subscription, execution or, where applicable, termination of this contract will be the responsibility and account of the PARTICIPE. Consequently, the MANAGING ENTITY will make the corresponding withholdings on the financial contributions made by the PARTICIPE, in accordance with the tax legislation applicable at all times.

4.4. Likewise, once the transfer is received in the account indicated by the MANAGING ENTITY, it will provide the Tokens that correspond to the PARTICIPANT by depositing them in the PARTICIPANT'S online account created by registering on the MANAGING ENTITY'S Platform.

4.5. These Tokens grant the PARTICIPANT all the rights and obligations that accrue under this Contract. Fifth.- DISTRIBUTION OF PROFITS OR LOSSES

5.1. Participation will become effective at the end of the promotion and the sale of its product so that, in the event that there are benefits once the balance of the operation is closed, the PARTICIPANT will have the right to a percentage of it that will be calculated in depending on the number of tokens (Tokens) in your possession, once the payment of the corresponding taxes levied on the operations has been deducted.

5.2. In the event that after the completion of the promotion and sale of its product the operation results in losses, the PARTICIPANT will bear the same in equal proportion of the percentage he has of the Project that will be calculated based on the number of tokens (Tokens) he has. However, the maximum amount of losses attributable to the PARTICIPANT is limited to the amount of his present and future Contribution.


6.1. The MANAGING ENTITY will have a remuneration that is indicated in the specific Project file.


7.1. It will be the obligation of the MANAGING ENTITY to render a justified account of the results at the end of each annual exercise and within the period

or maximum of 3 months from the close of each accounting year, as well as the completion of the promotion and sale of the product that is the subject of this contract.

7.2. Likewise, the PARTICIPANT will have the right to be informed of all data and information about the progress of the Project. In this sense, the parties establish that the MANAGING ENTITY will publish a Project Status Report on a monthly basis. Eighth.- FORTUOUS EVENT AND FORCE MAJEURE

8.1. Neither party will be liable to the other for delay or non-compliance with any of its obligations, with the exception of payment performance, if the delay or non-compliance under this contract is due to a fortuitous event or force majeure concurring with the effective date of this contract and which are beyond the control of the parties.

8.2. For the purposes of this contract, situations of fortuitous event or force majeure will be understood to be a strike, lockout, war, terrorism, natural disaster or any other situation by which, to the extent of said event, it prevents the affected party from delaying the fulfillment of any of its obligations and it cannot prevent or eliminate said situation in a reasonable manner.

9.1. This contract may be resolved by the resolution of the contracts provided for in the Civil Code and in the specific legislation, specifically, it may be resolved early at the request of the MANAGING ENTITY in the following circumstances:

a)  Due to non-compliance with the obligations assumed by the PARTICIPANT.

b)  In the event that it is not possible to cover all the financing necessary to carry out the Project.

c)  Due to dissolution, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, suspension of payments or termination of the legal personality of the MANAGING ENTITY.

9.2. In the cases provided for in section b) of the early termination of the Contract, it will imply the obligation on the part of the MANAGING ENTITY to restitute the financial contribution, provided that this has been made. The expenses incurred by the return will, in any case, be taken care of by the PARTICIPE.


10.1. This contract replaces any prior agreement, verbal or written, that may exist between the parties and constitutes a complete agreement between them, and may only be modified in writing and signed by both parties.

10.2. The headings contained in this agreement are for reference purposes only and do not in any way affect the meaning or interpretation of this agreement.

10.3. The declaration of nullity of one or more clauses of this contract by a competent authority will not prejudice the validity of the remaining clauses, which will in any case retain their binding force. The parties will be obliged to develop a new clause to replace the one declared null within the terms in accordance with the law.


11.1. The parties agree that this Contract will be governed entirely by Spanish law contained in the Commercial Code, special laws and commercial uses. In relation to this Agreement or any of its clauses and, in particular, with any dispute or difference that may arise between the Parties regarding its interpretation, validity, effectiveness, compliance, resolution or termination, the Parties agree that such disputes or differences will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Lleida, with express waiver of the Parties to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by law.

12.1. All notifications between the contracting parties required by the terms of this contract will be made in writing and will be sent by certified mail, by burofax with acknowledgment of receipt and certification of content, or by telefax, confirmed by certified mail.

12.2. For the purposes of notifications, the PARTICIPANT designates the address provided when registering on the online platform, reserving the right to change it in the future, prior reliable notification of said change, which must be made online on the same platform. the MANAGING ENTITY.

Thirteenth.- ASSIGNMENT
13.1. The MANAGING ENTITY may assign or transfer any or all of its rights and obligations under this contract, for which purpose it will have the right to transfer all or part of the obligations and rights contained in this contract, being binding and enforceable by the respective successors and assigns of the MANAGING ENTITY.

13.2. The PARTICIPANT may assign this contract by simply transferring the acquired Tokens to a third party. The holder of said Tokens will be considered the assignee. However, said transmission will be perfected and the rights granted by this contract to the transferee will be recognized only and exclusively when the latter registers reliably on the online platform of the MANAGING ENTITY, accepting the terms and conditions of the MANAGING ENTITY as well as the rights and obligations arising from this contract and has provided in a complete and satisfactory manner all the documentation required by the MANAGING ENTITY in compliance with current regulations on the prevention of money laundering. If the MANAGEMENT ENTITY does not comply with the provisions of this paragraph, it will not be able to recognize the rights that they represent to the holders of the Tokens.